Track Your Investment Portfolio's Performance - ShareSight Review

Track Your Investment Portfolio's Performance - ShareSight Review

30 Second Overview:

For those with multiple different brokerage accounts, and or assets stored in different forms, ShareSight's ability to group all of these into one, easy, convenient platform makes life exponentially easier for investors to manage the performance and trends of there investments. Whether you have 5 open investment positions or 50, having a central application that allows you to view them all at once, with comparison to each other, gives traders the edge to make better informed decisions. 

From beginners to advanced market veterans, ShareSight caters for all with different features and analysis tools. Some include capital gain, diversity, historical cost and performance reports whilst the international investors would see much use in multi-currency valuation reports. 



  • Completely FREE for your first 10 holdings
  • Can track Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and More
  • Grouping and managing all assets in one area
  • Can link to popular brokerage platforms for easy transfer of data
  • Simple and useable interface
  • Complete capital gain, taxable income, diversity reports and more
  • Only tracks the 8 most popular Cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile app isn’t as advanced as online


What is ShareSight?

ShareSight is a leading platform that allows you to automatically or manually enter in your holdings, so that you can keep watch of all your investments in the one area.


Why ShareSight?

Managing the performance of your investment portfolio can be quite difficult and often time consuming without using the correct tools. When the end of financial year comes, investors are left scrambling to find all the capital gains and losses over the period whilst hoping not to make any errors in calculation. Many use tradition methods such a Microsoft Excel and other book keeping methods. 

We have been asking the question why people do this when there are much more efficient and affordable methods that save time and money

Investors typically have a diverse spread of investments between stocks, bonds, commodities, ETF’s and crypto currencies. We believe understanding the performance of your investments is crucial in achieving a typical investors goal of generating the most efficient returns.

Thankfully as market broker technology has developed so have the methods used to analyse your investments. Me personally, I have multiple broker accounts that are spread across different platforms (Crypto Wallet, Share Trading and Commodity Trading), so being able to see how different assets are performing, not only against each other, but in line with the market index also is a crucial area of management. 

How Easy Is ShareSight To Use?  

ShareSight has an incredibly easy interface for its Mobile and Desktop platforms, that allows any new or veteran investor to utilise the features/benefits provided. The platform allows investors to Sign Up For Free and still have the benefit of performance, taxable income, historical cost, sold securities and all trade reports. 

With the click of a few buttons you can automatically download broker data from your investing account of your choice safely and securely using ShareSight's secure login. If that isn't your cup of tea, you can also manually enter the entry prices and amounts of the holdings manually. 


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